#WMC Semi-Private Training Program

Semi-Private Training is aimed for individuals who love personalized workouts that match their abilities and goals, but also like to take on a learning approach to fully understand the form, function and purpose of each exercise, workout or nutrition plan.  By learning the proper form and techniques this allows you to train a little more independently under the supervision of your trainer, which allows you to share workout time with other #WMC members and ultimately saving money.  Rather than pay more for individual attention in a one-on-one setting all by yourself, meet other #WMC members who you'll be working out next to.

Your workouts are designed for your specific abilities and goals and can include various elements of fitness training; i.e., athletic training, strength training, boxing fitness, mobility training, etc.  Each member is encouraged to train at least 3-4 times per week in the gym and 1-2 times outside the gym ( at-home, apartment gym, etc.).  For workouts outside the gym, clients are given specific workouts to do through the 'Winners Make Commitments' app.  

Each Semi-Private Training membership includes...

  • Unlimited Training Sessions
  • Nutritional Guide & Coaching
  • Meal Planning & Recipe Prep
  • Unlimited Phone/Text/Email Support
  • Accountability & Motivation


Learn How to make it a lifestyle, not just something you'll do for the next 90-days.  Remember, Losers make Promises, Winners make Commitments!