Trying to lean out quickly!? COMMIT and put in the work!

When it comes to sacrificing things to provide for your family, stay up all night to cram for an important test, be more productive at work to hit a quota or anything else similar...these are situations which we create a need.  We NEED to take care of whatever daunting task at hand or ELSE...we fail, we lose, we get fired, we lose our house, etc.  For most of us we rise to the occasion and get things done! Even if it is last minute.  

Yet when it comes to fitness and those trying to accomplish a certain goal, especially within a specific time frame, we take this lack luster approach to it.  We say "Oh it's just ONE cookie."  Which leads to two or three.  OR "It's just one beer."  But these things add up!  When it comes to being serious about hitting a goal, especially by a certain date, you have to COMMIT to it!  There are always other times we can celebrate!!...AND look good doing it!

Once you hit your goals and you're ready to maintain, the fun begins! Then you're pretty much able to keep up a nice healthy and active lifestyle and not go back to your old ways, which got you uncomfortable in the first place.  Sometimes life does catch up with us and we do slack a little bit maybe, but it's that overall COMMITMENT to maintaining a certain way of life that has led you to feel comfortable about the way you look and feel!  

Here are a few things that I like to try when try to make that mad dash tho to shed body fat and "lean out".

  • Start MOVING! - Get up and move your @$$! Start doing H.I.I.T.(High-Intensity Interval Training), Totally Body Conditioning Workouts, Boxing Workouts, etc. 
  • Still include Resistance Training as well to help maintain strength and toning. 
  • Eat consistently and often, but don't over eat calories when the day is all said and done.  
  • Also, no complex carbs except for 1-2 hours after intense exercise.
  • Take your Vitamins, Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes.  Get all the nutritional insurance you can!
  • Drink LOTS of water.