Master your Fitness...and Change Your Life!

Duncan has been following me and training with me for almost the last two years now.  He started with me as I was training at a bootcamp-boxing gym in Chandler and followed me to Tempe and now Gilbert.  He has definitely made the commitment and dropped over 65lbs to get to 255lbs.  Then after a bit progress seemed to slow and I told him he's naturally bigger then he's time to think growth instead of loss. 

So for the last few months I told him not to worry about his weight, to start getting more calories and to try even more challenging workouts.  His body has responded while still dropping body fat while gaining over 10lbs of muscle!  It's not always about eating less to get your body to change the way most think.  For some who have been in "fat loss" mode for awhile, it's good to reset and get back to eating more and now using that fuel as more energy to put to use during your current workouts. 

This guy proves that learning about nutrition by asking as many questions as possible and doing a little outside research.  He's constantly asking me about things he does, has heard or read about to see if it's something he should be doing.  He has become a master of his fitness lifestyle, even picking up a #SnapFitness membership to workout with his girlfriend and working with #Legendary Coach O on his boxing skills.  Great job bud! Truly proud of your transformation and success! 

All of you out there can do the same! Become the master of your fitness lifestyle! If you have any questions email me at