Set the Example for Your Kids!

For all you parents out there, it is important to understand the example you set for your children.  As kids we look at our parents and see the lives they live, we either decide to follow in their footsteps if it seems to be a positive lifestyle.  However, if its a negative lifestyle we tend to stray away from living our lives the exact same way.  As parents, I would assume we all want the best for our children, right!?

So next time you find yourself sitting on the sofa and eating fast food or other unhealthy choices, understand that your kids are watching and getting the impression that it's ok to do the same.  As a fitness professional, it is frustrating when we see children who eat junk food and do not have the nutrients needed to help their bodies grow and be healthy.  Also, it's just as frustrating seeing kids who aren't active in the daily lifestyle.   

We as parents and adults have to set the example for our younger generations.  Next time you are wondering what you can do to help correct this, realize that is just as simple as taking your kids to go swimming, riding a bike or even hiking!  There are so many activities we can do with our kids that will not only get them living an active lifestyle, but create a deeper bond with them as well!   Don't be the "lazy" parent!  Be attentive to your kids and show them how easy it is to be fit, active and healthy.  If everyone can begin to do this and help their own kids, then we as a society can diminish the stereotype that we are "fat & lazy" Americans!  

Be the EXAMPLE!