Build-a-Booty Workout: Episode 1

This episode is part one of a five-part series of workouts to help you better develop your glutes/hips.  Watch as Nick Herrera and Felicia Romero instruct and give key points for each movement.  The complete workout can be found below.    

Movement Prep:

A1 - Core Activated Glute/Ham Bridge w/ Resistance Band; 10-15 Reps
A2 - Lateral Shuffle w/ Miniband; 30 Reps (15x/side)
A3 - Kettlebell Romanian Deadlift; 10-15 Reps

Strength Circuit:

B1 - Barbell Glute/Ham Bridge; 10-12 Reps
B2 - Goblet Front Squat w/ Kettlebell or Barbell Back Squat (Not Shown);  10-12 Reps
B3 - Reverse Hyperextension w/ Swiss Ball; 12-15 Reps

This workout can be done by itself or with cardio for beginners, or can be added to the beginning of your workout to target the glutes and hips to begin.  Do this workout at least 2-3 times during the week.  Stay tuned for next week as we show single-leg exercises to target each side more efficiently and better develop the weaker side.  Each week we will progress the difficulty of the workouts and number exercises, so stay on track!

If you have any questions, feel free to email for help!