Front Rack Kettlebell Squat or Goblet Squat

Front Rack Kettlebell Squat or Goblet Squat (when using a Dumbell)

You can use a dumbbell by grabbing one side as if holding a big goblet. You can also use two kettlebells instead of one. 

I like to do heavy Front Rack Squats sometimes on back days. That way I keep training and perfecting my squat form and gaining depth, but it also doesn't over work my lats and other back muscles, like with deadlifts or barbell squats where your back plays a bigger part than in a front loaded squat. 

When it gets nice and heavy, and you sit back into those hips while keeping the spine straight into a slight lean forward, you'll feel your anterior core, chest, shoulders and arms light up. Always check your form in the mirror and be sure to try and keep good spinal alignment to ensure proper development.