Single-Leg Front Kettlebell Squat on Box

I often see people trying to work on their single-leg squat and not fully able to do it period or even how to progress into it. You can use the box to decrease the distance you have to squat down to. This limits range of motion and helps to develop better strength in the appropriate muscles. 

Focus on a nice slow descent to the box and barely touch it, as to keep your glute/leg activated. Once you touch the box, drive through the heel to stand back up. As you go down and stand back up, your foot should always be flat to the floor. Also, try to avoid the knee from collapsing inward, try to keep the leg in abduction (rotating outward at the hip).

To start, you dont need to use a weight, get the movement down first, then add weight. As you get better, use a smaller and smaller box until you can do it with nothing!